Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Too Tired for Three Books

Saturday was an unusually busy day for the big kids and I (Pat stayed home with Muriel). In the morning we took the train to Lausanne with our friends, the Elkos, for a picture book reading at Books Books Books. We then came back home for a quick lunch. After lunch we skipped nap time and took the train back to Lausanne to attend their friend Wyatt's birthday party at Pop-In's (for anyone reading from the Lausanne area with small children, this was a really nice place to hang out). We didn't get back home until about 6pm. This is how Niamh looked at the end of bedtime stories.


  1. Love it! Always amazes me to see how kids can fall asleep in any position, anywhere.

  2. That is tired. But then, two train rides to Lausanne in a day seem quite a lot! I'm taking a train with my daughter for the first time today.