Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fishing for Letters

I think most of you know that I've been getting a taste of what home schooling might be like by teaching Rowan to read English just in case we end up being here for a while. We've been doing this since May, and are taking it pretty slow (we're only on lesson 55 of 231 in The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading) since there's no real rush.

Tuesday's lesson was a huge success. It was so great to see him excited about lessons, as he is not usually too enthused!

I wrote letters (and a few letter combos) on small index cards and attached paper clips to each card. Then made a finishing pole with some string, a ruler, and a magnet. Next he had to read the word that was made when he put the letter(s) next to an ing, ang, ong, or ung card. It was so much fun for him that after we had finished and it was quiet time, he asked me to leave out all the fishing supplies so that he could continue to fish during quiet time.


  1. Hi...

    I need to do the same thing, teach my little one to read in English. I continue to put it off & put it off. She's five, and while she is not quite reading Italian yet, she will be soon. Thanks for the tip on the book.


  2. Neat to see you doing this! Great photos too.

  3. Great idea! We're totally doing this next week!