Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Morning Boats


  1. I love the light in your photo!

  2. This picture is so idyllic! =) Wow.

    THANKS for visiting my blog and commenting; come on by for your four-legged doggie fix anytime. ;)

    Una is still Una for now; how crazy you have/had an Una in your life too! Personally, I'm hoping that when she does get adopted (moved to another foster home for now), they keep her name because it just suits her I think.

    In other craziness...I "knew" you from the Diaper Pin forums, ages ago! I haven't been on there in forever (I was/am ambj73); started to feel like a little fish in a rather massive pond I guess. ;) I sure learned a lot there though. =)

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the zoom lens of the stroller escapades of your daughters below, very funny. =) Take care!

  3. Very nice pictures!....and scenery. I live in the high mountain desert, so sailboats are not something I ever get to see.
    Happy September,