Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Thanks for the three big boxes of Os Grammie and Bumpa!

Baby or Puppy? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Serious Business.

Little Chipmunk.

When her tummy was full Muriel discovered that making Os jump is fun.

After that got old she found that dropping them on the floor was cool too.

Rowan had wanted to eat Os dry like Muriel, but in the interest of making the boxes last as long as possible I told him no. I did tell him he could eat the ones on the floor that Muriel had dropped. His response? "YESSS!"

Everyone was super excited to see all the Cheerios in the package from Grammie and Bumpa yesterday morning. It was Muriel's first taste of regular cheerios. You can buy Honey Nut Cheerios in France. You can buy Multi Grain Cheerios at Migros' online store (I've not done this yet). But regular cheerios are a rare treat! After lunch yesterday Rowan chose a bowl of Cheerios for his special treat instead of a piece of chocolate. And Niamh would have as well, except she took too long to eat lunch (way past quiet time) and so had to wait and have her bowl for snack.

Thanks again, Grammie and Bumpa! As you can see, they were well received!


  1. Cute! A girlfriend of mine was feeding her baby Cheerios the other day and all the Swiss/German/Dutch ladies around us thought it was dog food! They just don't understand...