Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leaf Crowns

This morning we headed out bright and early and were in the park collecting leaves for an art project by 8:20. Not too impressive considering I'd been up since 4am with Niamh (running a fever, was fine after some ibuprofen).

We made leaf crowns which were an easy fall project, though they didn't require as much kid involvement as I'd have liked.

But the kids loved their crowns and had fun racing around in them.


  1. Love the crowns and the beautiful fall colors...which we had some of those here.

  2. I'm glad Niamh is feeling better, and hopefully you've all gotten some rest by now. The crowns are great! And the picture are (once again) amazing. Are you, by any chance, a professional photographer?

  3. Perhpas not enough kid involvement, but great results and lots of fun play aferwards, I'm sure!

  4. thanks so much everyone!

    E-i sure wish i was professional!