Monday, September 28, 2009

Middle Age Military

On Saturday evening I went to Chateau de Chillon for the Middle Age Military displays. On Friday and Saturday night they had actors dressed as if they were from the middle ages. Many of the actors were doing demonstrations or explaining life in the middle ages with a significant emphasis on weapons. Children could also shoot arrows and do some sort of jumping exercise which I think had to do with showing strength, but I couldn't keep up with the language.

I think the kids would have liked some of the activities, but there was a very loud black powder rifle being fired about every five minutes that would have driven the kids to tears.

This was the weapon display in the dungeon. It was very interesting and I understood most of explanation. At the end somebody asked if either of the ladies doing the talking spoke English. This was excellent news, as I was able to pick up what I missed during the french version.

I am not sure what was happening here, but the boy had to do quite a bit of jumping while holding the stone.

Fighting demonstration


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