Sunday, September 20, 2009

Engine Shed!

Niamh, Rowan, and I went to the CFF open house in Lausanne yesterday. We had a great time checking out the trains. There were multiple engines, passenger coaches, and the fire/rescue train. They were also a number of people that seemed to be giving details about the trains, but it was all in french so I did not pay much attention to them.

Rowan and Niamh checking out the controls on one of the older engines.
Niamh and Rowan in the cab of a modern engine.

Rowan climbed into this engine and said "this engine is even older than Big Bumpa Charlie." He was wrong.

Niamh and Rowan check out the inside of the older engine.

The controls of the older engine.

The nameplate (?) on the older engine.


Rowan wasn't too excited to be in the pictures. He just wanted to look at the trains.

The kids checking out one of the new coaches.

These are some of the engines in the shed that we did not have access to.

Checking out a switcher in the yard.

Checking out more coaches.

Running for first class.

Checking out the view from first class.
The turntable in Lausanne

The engine shed.

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  1. your sweet little ones must have had so much fun!!