Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spain Day 4: Part 2

Niamh, Muriel, and I were a bit tired today, so we took an afternoon nap. Emily and Rowan went shopping/snacking. They visited Caelum, Escriba, and Art Escudellers.

After the nap we headed to Casa Mila via the metro. The metro stop closest to where we wanted to go was under construction and the elevators were not working. We had to put the stroller on the escalator a few times, which was no big deal. Unfortunately, there were a few instances where I had to carry the stroller (and Muriel) up the steps. I wasn't too happy.

Emily and Rowan went into Casa Mila while the girls and I wandered around. Emily and Rowan liked the exhibit, but it didn't compare to the Sagrada Familia even though they were designed by the same person.

After the Casa Mila we decided to look for the Enric Rovira Shop, which meant another metro ride. After carrying the stroller back into the metro station I realized that we had to exit the station and go in another entry due to the construction work. We finally made it to the track only to realize that we were on the track for the wrong direction. We went back up the steps and down the other side. We finally got to the correct station and then we couldn't leave the station because the stroller/wheel chair exit wasn't working correctly. We had to have someone come over and unlock a door for us.

All that and we couldn't find the shop. We may try again tomorrow.

Rowan atop the Casa Mila

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