Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Spain Day 4: Part 1

This morning we took the metro to the Sagrada Familia. I think it disproves the theory of "seen one church, seen them all" to which I had subscribed (is that the correct way to get rid of a dangling preposition?). I have to say it was amazing and I'm not normally one to classify anything artsy as amazing. I think the construction will be done in about 25 years, which means we'll need to schedule a return trip in 2034.

Emily took Rowan up one of the towers and walked back down. I went up after on my own and can't imagine walking down with a 4 year old. The steps were steep, narrow, and, at least in some places, dark. The good news is that we went early and there wasn't a crowd. I don't think it would have been too enjoyable if the stairs were just one big line of people.

Rowan and Bun on the tower.

Rowan running around to burn some energy with what I think is the main door in the background.

This might be the side door. If you look close you can see Rowan, Niamh and Emily next to the door.

Niamh playing at the playground across the street.

Emily and Muriel at the playground.

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