Sunday, December 21, 2008

The rest of day 1

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Barcelona Aquarium and wandering around the town. Rowan and Niamh really enjoyed the aquarium, so we signed up for discounted tickets so we can go back again. The aquarium had a moving sidewalk that took us under the main tank, which was nice. Rowan really like the sharks and Octopi. Niamh liked "the fishes."

Upstairs they had a bunch of interactive stuff for the kids to play with. Niamh and Rowan didn't want to leave, but we had to go find a grocery store.

We walked towards El Corte Ingles to find some groceries and found the remains of a Roman tower. Once we found the store Emily and Muriel (strapped to Emily) went to buy the groceries while I walked around pushing a stroller filled with sleeping kids. Emily came out a few minutes later with a screaming Muriel and no groceries. Needless to say, neither mother nor daughter were in a good mood. We walked back to our apartment listening to Muriel scream the whole way.

Muriel had a quick snack and went to bed. The other kids had a sandwich and went to sleep. All three kids were in bed and quite by 6PM.

Emily went back to El Corte Ingles to look around and buy groceries. She did quite well and found a few items that are not easily located in Switzerland (Kit Kat Dark and American hot dogs). The seafood section is supposed to be amazing. I hope to check it out after the kids go to bed tonight.

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