Saturday, December 13, 2008

Low point?

Here are some of the reasons today was a hard day:
  • Emily lost her glove
  • Muriel woke up at 3AM
  • The train back from France was very crowded
  • It was cold (Not Alaska cold, but maybe Seattle cold)
  • Christmas markets are overcrowded
  • I found out how expensive formula is in Switzerland. Note: don't buy it at the train station pharmacy if you can avoid it.
I'm don't want to focus too much on the negative, but I'm having problems picking the low point. I've narrowed it down to three options:

  1. Muriel screaming in a cafe and driving the lady at the next table away before she could finish her drink or croissant.
  2. Rowan attempting to us the bathroom and peeing all over the toilet seat, floor, and his pants. Then screaming so much that he could easily be heard outside the bathroom
  3. Counting option 1 and 2 as only one option, as the lady was at the next table when Rowan and I went into the bathroom, but gone when we came out.

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