Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another hotel, another early morning stroll around town

We reserved an extra large room at the Hotel Victoria, but it isn't quite big enough. Or maybe we just need more than 1 room. Muriel was very tired yesterday, so she slept from about 5 to midnight. From midnight to 3 she slept on and off. She woke Rowan up around 3:15 and he didn't go back to sleep until 5:30. Muriel and I strolled the streets of Basel from 4:30 until 6. There wasn't much open until 5 and the temperatures were a bit cold. Here is the good news:
  • I think I found the "French" platforms that our train will depart from this morning
  • Muriel slept almost the entire time
  • I found a model train shop.
Niamh appears to have slept all night, but she got out of her sleeping bag at some point last night and slept on the floor. The good news is that she didn't sleep where Rowan spilled his orange juice last night.

Muriel just woke Rowan up. The first thing he said is that he missed "six zero zero." (It is now 6:08. Rowan is now telling Niamh she can get up now. Nothing like an early start to the day.

Niamh is up and stated "pretty nice." That is her phrase for just about anything these days.

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