Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Internet, No Phone

Our internet connection and phone both stopped functioning yesterday afternoon. I have to say it was a bit weird to not have the internet. Anyway, I'm not sure when the issue will be resolved, so please call our cell phones if you need anything urgently. I can access email from work, so that is also an option.

UPDATE: Dec 18 -Swisscom is coming this morning to see if they can solve the problem.
UPDATE: Dec 19: Swisscom came, but couldn't find any issues with the lines. We're trying to arrange for somebody to come back today.
UPDATE: Dec 19: An electrician came and was very confused. He said everything seems to be working fine, but nothing is working. (at least that is my translation of what he said. I called Swisscom back and got escalated to deep deep support. That person indicated there was an issue with the line and was going to send someone to check it out on Tuesday. We don't get back until Thursday, so we had to schedule the appointment for the 26th.

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