Monday, December 22, 2008

Spain Day 3: Part 1

This morning we went up Montjuic, which is home to the 1992 Olympic stadium and Montjuic Castle. We walked a few blocks down our street to catch the funicular that would take us halfway up the hill. The funicular ride went fairly well, but Niamh and Rowan were both scared of the noise when the doors shut. It wasn't a big issue on the way up, but there was a fair amount of screaming on the way down.

At the upper funicular station there is a cable car that takes visitors to the top of the hill. The cable car doesn't open until 10, so we had about 45 minutes to kill before it opened. We walked over to the Olympic stadium. It wasn't nearly as big as I expected it to be. I have to say I was disappointed at how small it seemed.

We walked back to the cable car and waited in the short line to go up. The ticket machine is a little strange. I had to do two transactions: one for the adult tickets and one for Rowan's ticket (Niamh and Muriel are free). I was a bit frustrated that it couldn't be done in one transaction. The ride up was fun and no issues were encountered. We got to the top and Rowan said he didn't want to go in the castle. That caused a small problem until we told him it wasn't really a castle, it was more of a big building. After that he was fine with it. We walked around the castle grounds for a while, but did not go into the museum. Rick Steves indicated it was fairly dull, so we decided to skip it. We were about to go back down the mountain when Muriel decided that not only was she hungry, she wanted to use a bottle. This wasn't good news, as we didn't have a bottle with us. Muriel cried the whole way down the hill in the cable car and funicular, as well as the 5 minute walk back to the apartment.

In front of the "big building"

Niamh in the cable car

Rowan, Muriel and I in the cable car.

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