Sunday, April 26, 2009

Labyrinthe Aventure

On Saturday we got a Mobility car and spent the day at Labyrinthe Aventure. When we first got there it looked pretty sad--everything a little shabby and worn out. Quite a few of the games were broken. It was very windy, and the children didn't want to do anything. The labyrinth was not so great with three small children who don't see the fun in being lost in a maze of paths. After about forty-five minutes we gave up and went back out through the entrance.

After we left the maze Rowan and Niamh became much less timid and were able to get into the different activities. The slight shabbiness of the amusement park didn't matter so much with happy kids. All in all it was a pretty good day, though would have been better with a happier baby. One who perhaps doesn't hate carseats, strollers, baby carriers, and sleeping outside of her own bed.

Rowan and Niamh both loved the ball pit and the trampolines:

They were too young for most of the games. Rowan would have been happy to just run around shooting fire at people with sticks:

Here's Pat playing a giant version of a game he always plays at his grandparent's house:

The slide structure:

Pat and I coming down the tallest slide with Niamh. She had a blast on the slides. Rowan refused to even go up the steps.

No, that's not a baby in peril. Just Muriel taking a short (too short) snooze. I guess there's more than one use for a Moby wrap:

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