Wednesday, April 29, 2009

80 Potiers dans les tulipes

This weekend there was a pottery fair at the park. We attempted to go on Sunday as a family, but the sailing school was having practice out on the lake. There were big canon-like sounding booms involved, which didn't go over well with Rowan. And Muriel was fussy (again). So Pat took them home while Niamh and I looked around.

The Swiss love their cows, even in art:

There were a lot of other nice things too--your standard vases, mugs, bowls, plates, etc. I thought these dragons were pretty cute:

And when we were leaving Niamh spotted some dandelions that she just had to paint her chin yellow with (a trick from Aunt Amanda).

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  1. Yay, I'm glad I was able to have some sort of lasting influence on the kids! I learned that trick from grandma, and you're supposed to make a wish if your chin gets dusted with yellow. I actually can't remember if that's supposed to be for buttercups, dandelions, or both.