Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Daigles Have Arrived!

Aunt Amanda and Uncle Mike arrived Tuesday Afternoon. We started off with appetizers of bacon flavored chips, a run to the grocery store for lots of chocolate, followed by raclette for dinner, and caraques for dessert.

This morning Pat had to work and Rowan and Niamh had to go to school. So the Daigles, Muriel, and I had pastries at the Fornerod boulangerie for breakfast,

which we washed down with hot chocolate at cafe balzac,

then a brief stop at the post office to mail a box of chocolates to Amanda's chocolate pen pal from Italy,

and lastly back to the apartment for elevenses of salée au fromage from the market, and bread with Vacherin Mont d'Or for lunch.

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  1. Important Note: We finished the day off with another round of Raclette.