Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Farm Martzloff

We stayed at the Farm Martzloff when we were in Breuschwickersheim. We had three rooms:
  • One for the Daigles
  • One for Emily and Muriel
  • One for Rowan, Niamh and me

Niamh and Rowan both slept on the floor, which worked fairly well. Niamh rolled under the bed and got stuck there on the 2nd night. I woke up to her banging her head on the bottom of the bed. She went right back to sleep as soon as I pulled her out, so she couldn't have been too traumatized.

Two of the rooms had stoves and refrigerators, which is always nice when traveling with kids or shopping for cheese. Breakfast was included in the very reasonable rates, which was nice. Especially since there aren't too many shopping options in Breuchwickersheim.

The owner raises and races sled dogs, which was a bit of a surprise. I didn't see any dogs on site, so I'm not sure where she kept them.

The farm is associated with Gites of France. I am not sure what a Gite(should have a ^ above the i.) is, but it seems to be somewhere in between a bed and breakfast and a self catering apartment.

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