Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swiss National Day

Just a few pictures from the festivities in Morges for Swiss National Day.

We started the day off going to the park and then the market.

The castle was set up with all sorts of activities for children. Live music, lots of bouncy castles divided into different age groups and a big variety of games. The kids had a blast and mostly just wanted to play on the bouncy castles.

That evening there was lots of activity down at the lake. Auntie Katie was so sweet, and stayed home with the kids (sleeping and terrified of fireworks) while Pat and I checked things out.

I loved these lanterns that many kids were carrying around.

There was a bonfire out on the lake

The restaurants were festively decorated and packed with people.

There was a spot all gated off and watched over by firemen where you could bring your own fireworks and set them off. The majority of the participants seemed to be 11-18 year old boys.

I have really got to remember to take the filter off my 50mm lens when I'm taking photos in darker settings (notice the same random green lights I got at Notre Dame in Paris).

Some of the fireworks were so loud, I was sure we'd have awake and frightened kids by the time we got home. But they thankfully slept right through it all. I really hope next year that we can take them down! Auntie Katie suggested noise blocking headphones for Rowan, which I think we'll have to try.

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