Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy 1st of August!

There have been a ton of Swiss pride food products for sale the past couple of days, but these chickens were the best. Pat and I both thought separately that they needed to be blogged about.

More information about Swiss National Day here.

Not sure what we'll do today--we're pretty tired after our trip to Zurich yesterday (pics to come). There are sure to be fireworks at the lake later, but Rowan is terrified of them, so we will probably have to skip the display.


  1. I don't mean to irreverent, but those chickens look pretty funny to me! My oder boy used to be terrified of every single noise, and used to walk around with his hands over his ears (and now he's turned into a noise machine: everything he does, from walking across the room to turning the pages of a book, will be done with LOTS of noise!)

  2. i think they are hilarious too! and seem sort of irreverent in and of themselves!!! SO good to know that other kids have the same problem with noise that rowan does and that there's hope for him outgrowing his noise aversion!