Monday, August 10, 2009

Boat To France

On Sunday we went on one last adventure with Auntie Katie to Yvoire, France. It's just right across the lake, so we caught a boat in Nyon to get there. The kids love watching the big boats on the lake, so they were super excited to actually get to ride one.

It was a pretty good trip overall, though there were a few hang-ups:

-In Morges we accidentally got onto the sleeping coaches (first time I've seen sleeping coaches on a Swiss train), and the door to the regular coaches was locked so we were stuck standing for the entire ride to Nyon. Somewhat ironically we couldn't get the door out of the sleeping coach to close, so it was nice and noisy--just what Rowan likes best.

-Niamh had an allergic reaction to the "sorbet" we got her in Yvoire. Perhaps those crazy French put egg in their sorbet. Perhaps some ice cream was left on the scoop, and that minute trace of egg made her sick. Perhaps it wasn't egg at all, but something else. Who knows. At any rate, that's when we decided to go home after only being in Yvoire an hour or so. Thankfully she'd only had a couple of licks and we got Benadryl in her right away, so she didn't actually throw up.

-In Nyon I completely spaced out a red light while crossing the street in front of a police car and got reprimanded for putting my children in danger. A little embarassing. Hey, I looked both ways before crossing, and determined that the police car was far enough away that I didn't need to wait....if only it had been a normal crosswalk.

Anyway, Yvoire is a very picturesque village, but there's not much to do there other than shop, which was disappointing. Even the castle was closed to the public.

waiting for the boat in Nyon

snacks on the boat

checking out the view from the stern

castle at Yvoire

I just liked this fire hydrant

picturesque, yes?


  1. Absolutely *gorgeous* photos! I can imagine in person it must be utterly breathtaking!! Thank you for the mini vacation : )

  2. Oh! I've actually been there! What fun to see your pictures--all those pretty flowers! It's stunning!

  3. Sorry for your short trip, it sounds like an adventurous one hour! The town looks lovely, and it's so close to you!