Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Day In Zurich

We went to Zurich for the first time last Friday (July 31st) with Auntie Katie. During the 2.5 hour train ride there we were fortunate enough to catch a train with a super cool playground for the kids (we had been able to ride once before with the Kershners), which made the time pass very quickly.

Our first stop was the Saurier Museum Aathal, which our little dino-lover enjoyed a lot. We then went into the old part of Zurich for a bit. It was not nearly as impressive as I'd imagined it would be. I'm sure there's cool parts we didn't know about, but what we did manage to see didn't inspire me to take photos (being exhausted by the three little once didn't help any on the photo front). I think the only photo that got taken in Zurich was done so by Pat. Anyway, it was still a good time, and I'm glad we went!

on the train

in the family car on the train

at the dinosaur museum--they had a bunch of stamps that you could use to make dino footprints in the sand

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  1. A family car on a train?!? Aren't the Swiss organized:)? Honestly, it's a wonderful idea, and I'm sure that by the time the Swiss family cars make it into a dinosaur museum, we Italians will also have family cars on our trains!