Thursday, August 21, 2008

I guess I was wrong

I thought we decided on a name, but I think I was wrong. Emily just asked what I thought of two names. I couldn't pronounce one of them, so I think it has been taken off the list.

For those her are interested, here are my aunt's suggestions for good Irish names:

  1. Molly McCann
  2. Grace McCann
  3. Rosie McCann
  4. Tadhgan McCann
  5. Meg McCann
  6. Rhian McCann
  7. Nory McCann
  8. Sinead McCann
  9. Mairenne McCann
  10. Fiona McCann

1 comment:

  1. Pat, I can't believe you were unable to pronounce Renesmee. It is said just how it looks.