Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting ready to complete the trilogy

If everything goes as planned, #3 will be born in the Morges Hospital. My understanding is that we can request a private room, but even then Emily might need to share a bathroom. If the baby is ill or premature, it might be transferred to CHUV, which is the cantonal hospital.

Other items of interest:
  • Prenatal checkups will be about every 4 weeks until the 7th or 8th month when they become every three weeks.
  • The hospital stay is normally 4to 7 days and could be longer if there is a C section.
  • There are prep classes, prĂ©paration pour l'accouchement,but I'm not sure if we'll attend.
  • Fathers do not typically attend the classes in Switzerland
  • The local social security office will offer a 'consultation pour nourissons et petits enfants.' This is a weekly visit where a nurse will check the child's wight and height.

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