Sunday, August 3, 2008

Did someone sneak her some eggs?

Niamh had issues last night. She started screaming about 30 minutes after going to bed, so I went in and told her to go back to sleep. All was well for a little while. She started screaming after another 30 minutes, so I went back in and rolled her over. I knew something was wrong as soon as I touched her. She had puked on the sheets, pillow and blanket. We got her up and changed the sheets. Right as we were finishing with the bed she started to puke again. We moved quick, but not quick enough - she puked all over the bathroom floor and her father's shorts.

This earned her the privilege of not having to go straight back to bed. She sat on the couch with Emily for a while and then proceeded to puke on the living room floor and Emily's pants. She calmed down after a while and went back to sleep. A couple hours later she woke up screaming again because she had thrown up on her pillow.

She's now been asleep, or at least quiet, for the last 7.5 hours and I'm hoping to find a clean bed when I wake her up.

UPDATE: The bed was not clean.

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  1. That is so sad! Puking is no fun. We went to one of our favorite restaurants the other day and Lila projectile vomited all over the place, table, floor, parents' clothing. (I should say one of our former favorite restaurants, because we can't go back there now.) But poor Niamh!