Saturday, April 17, 2010

Roman Ruins Overload

We were really excited about all the Roman ruins when we first got to Provence.

at La Villasse in Vaison la Romaine

At the Nîmes arena

Posing for Rowan in front of Pont du Gard

At the theatre in Orange

Outside the arena in Arles

Our excitement had definitely waned by the end of the trip. On our last day when we visited the arena in Arles, I think Pat and I both secretly echoed Ro's sentiments: "Another arena???"


  1. I can totally understand that feeling. When I was 17 my mother took me on a 10 week trip through Europe. By the end of the trip, I just wanted to sit in a cafe and eat yummy treats and watch the people walk by. I had no desire to see another church or anything else for that matter. My poor mother was so mortified that I had no desire to see this or that.

  2. Ditto, Ro.
    It does still interest me at times, but not always and never too much at once. It also makes for great photos! Great photos, Emily. I'm trying to find some time soon to make it through the 608 I uploaded to my computer - the most of which is junk!! Ugghhh!

  3. thanks for posting these are amazing! i cant wait to take a family trip like you are doing!