Friday, April 23, 2010

Making progress

We are slowly making progress on the move back to the US.
  • We will be house/apartment hunting in Loveland the 1st week of June
  • The movers are coming to do a preliminary review of our stuff on May 19th
  • The movers will be back on the 24th and 25th of June to pack and move our stuff.
  • Our apartment is listed for rent


  1. Enjoy your last few weeks in Europe.

  2. Are you moving to Loveland Ohio? I just some of your blog beacause we may be moving to Geneva in August from Loveland.

  3. We are moving to Loveland,Colorado.

  4. Wow, we currently live in Colorado Springs, CO and are getting ready to move to Neuchatel next week. Just found your blog as we're looking for other expats to meet up with once we get over there. My parents live in Loveland, it is beautiful you will love it. I hear that Colorado is like the Switzerland of the US and I'd have to agree.

  5. We've only been to Neuchatel once, but it was lovely! I'm sure you will like it a lot! Feel free to send us an email if there's anything we might be able to help with!

  6. Hey Patrick. We never got a chance to meet up, my bad, and it looks like we will be in Morges a bit longer but we miss the states. Hope all goes well with the move.