Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Training Wheels!

For Rowan's 5th birthday last November, one of his gifts was a balance bike. We should have gotten him one sooner, as he was almost too big for it at that time.

He's used it off and on throughout the winter, but because of the cold weather didn't ride it very much until a month or so ago.

He's had a bike with training wheels for almost a year now, rarely rode it, but yesterday asked us to take the training wheels off of it. Within just a few minutes of getting outside on his newly two-wheeled bike he was riding without assistance. Those balance bikes really do work!

There was a little of this:

But mostly a lot of this:

He's so proud of himself!


  1. Bravo Rowan !!!
    Tu es un champion du vélo!!!
    Bravo bravo

  2. That is one of those very exciting milestones! I still remember how thrilling it was with Noah...Camille will be there soon...time just keeps flying by even though I keep begging my kids to slow down!