Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter (2010)!

We dyed fourteen eggs yesterday, though I'm not sure who is going to eat them but me (and I feel certain I cannot eat fourteen by myself, as much as I love them). Am contemplating seeing if Muriel is okay with them. She is fine with egg in baked goods, so she'd probably be fine with hard boiled eggs as well. But perhaps that's not a risk we want to take on a)a holiday and b)the day before we leave for Provence.

Pat arrived home last night, safe and sound and with lots of American Easter candy. I'm thinking that SweetTarts jelly beans are the best thing ever.


  1. Hope you had a nice Easter ;D

  2. Provence! Enjoy your trip!! I'm in love with your glass jars with a handle, are they a Swiss invention?

  3. Francesca, I actually got them at a thrift store in the States. But I just checked and they have loads of them on if you search under "mason jar mugs".