Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Morges

We arrived home in Morges yesterday afternoon after a windy, but uneventful drive home. Sunday was for sure the day with the strongest infamous mistral wind, and it must have followed us all the way to Morges as it's been quite windy here as well.

We made a couple of stops on the way. One was a rest area for lunch, and a little bit of playing (too windy to stay out for very long). In the above photo Rowan is demonstrating his jumping skills. He was SO proud of himself for jumping off the third rung of the ladder. Perhaps it was less of a jump though, and more of a drop.

The other stop we made was just outside Montélimar at what appeared to be an aire (service station/rest area) centered completely around the sale of nougat. I wish I had thought to take a photo, it was tourism at it's finest. There were several restaurants, bathrooms, a play area (I think), and a gas station, all of which were obviously there to get people to stop in and shop at the nougat boutique.

Though I'm sure it wasn't Montélimar's best nougat (I'd imagine you have to go into town for the quality stuff), it was still fun to see all the different kinds, flavors, and brands. Most had nuts, which I do not at all like in sweet things, but I was able to find a small selection sans nuts. I got lavender honey, orange flower honey, licorice, raspberry, anise, mint, and lemon. And that's not even all the flavors that were available! Anyway, I found the last two paragraphs in this Wikipedia entry on Montélimar very interesting. The nougat aire makes more sense now.

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