Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Very Slippery Slope

On Sunday Niamh and I took the train to Geneva with our friends Sandra and Alyssa and saw the Disney Princesses on Ice show.

Niamh has only seen two of the Disney princess movies, and though she'll sit through parts of them and seem somewhat interested, it's really Rowan who likes Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Not the princesses, mind you, but the stories. Anyway, I had originally bought Rowan a ticket too, but he had a birthday party come up and could not go. Which actually was a good thing. I'm sure the loud volume and the dark arena would have terrified him.

In fact it took a lot of whispered persuasion to get Niamh to stay once the lights went out and the music came on. After that she did pretty good in spite of her complete indifference to the show itself.

So, Niamh's favorite parts of our afternoon? Hanging out with Sandra and Alyssa, the popcorn (I finally had to tell her no more. I was sure she was going to make herself sick), and the new magic wand she got after the show. There are a few more pictures up on flickr if you are interested!


  1. I made the mistake of showing these pictures to Katherine...who is NOT indifferent to the princesses. As I type, she's standing next to me with her hands clasped saying, "Oh Mommy, please can we go to see that show? Please? Can't we go to Switzerland, please? I'm going to eat seven popcorns!" So, yeah, it looks like fun! Great pictures, too. That dragon!...wow.

  2. LOL! Well, I think you should come to Switzerland for the show! :) It was pretty good, I must admit. Alyssa loved it, and I know that if Rowan could get past the loud music and the darkness he would have loved it too.

  3. I'll go and check you pictures on flickr, I love princesses!

  4. I am glad it all worked out in the end. We took our boys a few years ago to see a Disney show on Ice and they loved it, but it was one with the Incrediables.