Monday, January 18, 2010

Doodle Jump, I Love You

There's a new member in our family. Didn't know we were expecting? I was a little surprised too! When I got an iPhone in December I was certainly not expecting to love it as much as I now do. Nor was I expecting to be vying with Pat, Rowan, and Niamh for time with my little toy. I probably would not love it so much if I hadn't received a couple of iTunes gift cards for Christmas (thanks Pat, Ann & Mike!). I'm not really into music or movies. I don't like audio books. I refuse to read books on an electronic device. So I started browsing through the thousands of different applications. And of course was sucked in.

I think my favorite (and yet, also the most pointless) app right now is Doodle Jump. I've logged an embarrassing amount of time playing that game. But I do have a variety of pretty cool and yet practical apps like SBB Mobile (my phone IS my ticket!), a English-French dictionary, Skype, and a Fromage app (c'mon, totally practical living in Switzerland), to name a few. I may, in fact, have gone a little app-crazy.

I even got several apps for kids, which Rowan and Niamh both love. The one they are playing here is DinoMixer.

Oh, and there's the whole phone thing. Yeah, sometimes I use the iPhone as a phone.


  1. Thanks for the tip. My husband gifted an iPhone to me several months ago & I haven't bought or downloaded one single ap -- bad, I know. The 24 hour Internet access has been handy, though.

  2. love my phone, couldn't live without it! though i don't play games on it at all!
    we have peekaboo barn and peekaboo wild and some bus thing on it for jonah but i'll have to look at some other aps.
    i also have a ton of aps about restaurants, a musical tuner, a level, shazam which i love having, and a bunch of other crap that mark has downloaded and just uploads to my phone.

  3. So funny...I got an I-touch which was a total surprise and I didn't think I'd like it but am quickly becoming a convert. Right now I am hooked on playing Banagrams...try it! Also, love being able to have quick access to NY Times, Moth Podcasts, This American Life, and UNO. Now headed to try out Doodle Jump :) Please share if you come across other interesting things.