Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dress Up Fun

When I learned that H&M sells Batman costumes year round I couldn't resist going to Lausanne almost immediately and getting him one.

He is having fun with it, but doesn't love it as much as I had thought he would...perhaps blankets and rain boots are better for the imagination.

I contemplated getting Niamh a Superman costume (H&M only carries two superhero costumes), but she doesn't really care about superheros and ultimately I got her another fairy set. She has actually been begging for months for new slippers and a magic wand, as the ones she got for her last birthday were too small/broken.

There were a lot of tears when only a few hours after this picture was taken her new magic wand got caught in a door hinge and the end broke off. It was deemed unworthy and thrown angrily to the ground. However, the next day she grudgingly agreed to continue playing with the damaged, but still functioning, wand.


  1. My youngest boy loved dressing up, and although I made a skeleton, a wizard, a king, and a doctor costume for him, he really longed for superhero costumes (all he got - ie all I could find at the time - were superhero underwear from the market, not the same impact as a costume, I tell you)(he still wears a bear hat I bought him in the US years ago). My oldest, though, couldn't care for the whole thing at all; he'd dress up, hang around wondering what to do, and get back into his own "himself" clothes asap.