Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas 2009

Here are some photos from Christmas Day, finally! Only three weeks late. I just got done weeding through all the December photos and we ended up with only 250 for the month. That's probably the lowest photo month for 2009, by far which is indicative of what a lovely month December was. Muriel and I were both sick on Christmas day. But the whole family has now been healthy for more than one whole week--it's been so nice! Hopefully we can put those pathogen filled months of November and December far, far behind us.

Anyway, here are some pictures. I only had the energy to take photos in the morning, but the rest of the day was pretty quiet and uneventful anyway.

Santa came!

And he was feeling a little crazy...

I'm not sure what got into him, but he gave the kids their first licensed Disney toys. And he didn't even give them grudgingly! He was, in fact, a bit sheepishly excited about it. 5 years sure can change a person.

Niamh received Snow White and the Prince.

Here is Muriel, up for the first time, checking out the shopping basket full of Swiss food. She didn't last long, and was asleep again about thirty minutes later.

Grammie and Bumpa gave Niamh her much longed for doll car seat. She was thrilled!

This is Muriel after her morning nap. Santa brought her one set of alphabet blocks in French, and one set in English.

Muriel felt a little more chipper once the ibuprofen kicked in.

My little Batman (shirt and mask from Santa). Notice the boots? Batman always wears boots. A little while later Ro added Daddy's black gloves to the ensemble.


  1. Love this! Funny, I looked at princess stuff for N but figured that wouldn't be approved. But, I mean, who can get mad at Santa :)

    SO sorry you guys have been sick. Wish you were closer so I could help out.

    Love you. Smooch those crazy kids for me.

  2. Those are some happy kids! Nice presents, but I still like the matching Christmas pjs best! Glad you're all feeling better. I'm counting days until the cold/flu/nasty bug/PATHOGEN season's over.

  3. Your kids have the best Christmas PJs ever! Love all the presents (I know what you mean about character gifts, too. I once swore we'd never have them and now I'm practically drowning in them. You held out longer than I did!) and all those sweet expressions. I'm glad you're feeling better again!

  4. Hannah Andersson jammies are our favorite...and you know, they do make adult sizes! ;)