Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swiss vs. US Orthotics (Orthosis)

I recently got new inserts for my shoes. The insert on the left in the photo is from the US. The doctor in Switzerland looked at it and immediately said that they don't make them like that in Switzerland anymore. The model from the US has hard plastic and is very rigid. The doctor in Morges says it is too rigid.

The insert on the right is from Switzerland and is much softer. The other main difference is that the inserts from Switzerland have a large ridge/bump in the middle so that more pressure is put on my toes. I guess my toes are not being used to support my weight, which could be a problem at some point.

The process for getting the inserts was a little different in Switzerland compared to the US. In the US the doctor held my foot in the desired position and took a mold. A few weeks later I had my inserts. In Switzerland they took a scan of my feet and then I stepped into a box filled with a foam like substance that I guess made a mold. Four days later I had the inserts. The US inserts are much more comfortable, but I'm not sure if that is because they aren't actually doing much support. The Swiss inserts hurt quite a bit. I plan on waiting a few weeks to see if it is just a matter of getting used to them or if there is an issue. My french lessons haven't really covered orthotics, so I may have missed something in the discussion with the doctor.

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