Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ireland: The third half of the 1st day.

Dinner was at the Bewley's Cafe on Grafton Street. The food was okay, but they have a good children's menu. The kids menu had bread sticks(which weren't delivered), pizza, ice cream and a drink. Emily and I also had pizza. The kids and I had fairly standard pizzas, but Emily had a spiced lamb pizza. She was not impressed. In addition, the pizzas were not cut and they were very difficult to cut with our dull butter knifes.

It was a Rick Steves recommendation, but I'd skip it.

The last stop that day was at Dunne's to get some diapers for the kids(primarily Niamh). While I was there I picked up some cheese. I chose Dubliner cheese. It might have been my worst decision of the trip. The cheese was horrible. The company should be shut down immediately and the management should be taken into the streets and beaten. Not even the Irish version of Ritz crackers could save it.

The kids slept through the night, so the day ended on a good note.

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