Sunday, July 20, 2008

Driving in Ireland

It wasn't as scary as I had assumed, but there were a few instances of Emily getting this horrified face as her side of car got a little too close to the cars/grass/rock walls on the edge of the road.

I decided to get the super CDW(complete insurance) for the following reasons:
  1. We do not have any car insurance that would cover a rental.
  2. Based on previous experience I assume my credit card company would make things very difficult if they had to pay.
  3. I assumed there would be some damage to the car.
  4. Super CDW only left me responsible for 4 tires and the car keys.

There were a few scratches on the left side of the car, but not that I would consider major. The majority of the damage was caused when Emily was getting out of the car and the wind blew the door open into the metal gutter downspout a the house.

I was concerned about shifting with my left hand, but that was not an issue. I am glad the pedals were in the same position, otherwise I'm sure I would have had problems.

The road signs in Ireland are fairly confusing. In some instances the signs would indicate that the speed limit was increasing, but there would be big signs that say SLOW. The dotted line in the middle to indicate that passing was okay normally had one of the following issues:

  • it was only dotted for about 20 feet
  • there was no visibility because there was a hill or a blind corner
  • the road was too narrow to pass

I thought the speed limit was very high on the Ring of Kerry. At one point I tried to increase speed to get to the speed limit and was frightened before I even got close. Few cars were passing me when I drove at a comfortable speed, so I guess not many people actually drive the speed limit

I had more issues on the Ring of Skellig than anywhere else. The road was very narrow and there seemed to be lots of people going the opposite direction.

I'm willing to drive there again, but wouldn't want a larger car or to drive in a big city.

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