Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trip to Geneva

We took the train to Geneva this morning. It took about 25 minutes. Rowan was screaming while at the stations waiting for the train, but was fine once we were actually on the train.

We stopped at the Payot bookstore ( that claims to have the largest English language selection in French speaking Switzerland, but I was not impressed. I picked up a book on Medival Europe in an effort to learn some of the stuff I should have learned in 10th grade world history.

We walked along the lake for a while and saw the fountain( We got three little pizzas for lunch. Much to our surprise, two of them had anchovies on them. It wasn't the best meal we've had here.

After lunch we walked around a bit looking for the cathedral, but never actually found it. Rowan rode on the carousel a few times and then we headed back to the train station.

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