Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fixing up the apartment

I went to IKEA on Thursday night to get a dining room table, chairs and lights. I was surprised, but I was able to fit the table, 6 chairs and 5 lights into the car. I was mainly concerned about the table, but it had about an inch to spare width wise.

Going to IKEA on an evening is so much better than during the day, but it was still fairly busy. I put one of the chairs together as a test and it seems to hold my weight. I'll put the rest together this evening after we get felt pads to go on the feet. I've also started putting the table together. So far, so good - it hasn't been screwed to the floor yet.

We had the relocation company's handyman come and install our lights on Friday. Have I mentioned that Swiss apartments only come with lights in the bathroom and kitchen? Renters are expected to install ceiling lights if the want, but must remove them and fill\paint any holes that were drilled into the ceiling. We now have lights in all rooms. I can't figure out what one switch is connected to, but I guess that is an improvement over the 3 switches in our Seattle house that I couldn't figure out.

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