Friday, April 13, 2007

Grammy Krista's death march

Rowan, Grammy and I went to Lausanne on Tuesday morning. We took the train from Morges. Rowan was terrified while on the platform, but he enjoyed it while on the train. He has now been on the train eight times, but still freaks out when a train "wooshes" past while he is waiting at the station.

The train station in Lausanne is about halfway up the hill. The main objective was to visit the cathederal, so we got to walk up a very steep hill. We wondered around the cathederal for a while before Grammy noticed that we could go up the bell tower. I didn't count, but there were a lot of steps. It did have a good view, but I'm not sure if the view per step ratio was high enough to warrant another trip up.

After visiting the bell for a while we decided to go to a nearby park. It turns out the park is on a hill that allows you to look over the top of the bell tower. It was a nice time, but there has got to be a better way to view Lausanne than to go up\down\up\down...etc.

We didn't even walk down to the Olympic museum. Grammy decided I could just describe the outdoor exhibits so we wouldn't have to walk down and up yet again.

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