Saturday, April 7, 2007

Chateau Gruyeres

We went to Chateau Gruyeres ( yesterday. It is about 45 minutes East North East of Morges. I thought we were lost for a few minutes, but then we could see the chateau up on the hill. We parked our car at the bottom of the hill and walked up the path. I was a little surprised about the number of stairs in the path. There were lots of baby strollers going up the path and it would have been very nice to have a stair free path.

There is a little villeage near the top of the hill with a short cobblestone street leading to the chateau. The street was farily crowded(it must be packed in the summer), but there weren't too many people inside the chateau. The chateau had been used up until about 100 years ago, so it felt like more like a fancy residence than a fortress. There were also a number of rooms devoted to contemorary art work, which isn't what I expected.

Pictures are posted.

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