Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sun, Rain, and a Little Shadow

The weather on Sunday was gorgeous, and though I knew it likely would not last long, I couldn't help but hope that it would.

Incidentally, I have no idea what these flowers (except that they're not. I just call them that) are. But I love them, and have been taking a lot of photos of them this past month.

...probably too many photos of the funny winter flowers, actually.

At any rate, we did get another day of sunshine, but today it has rained all day long. Muriel loved running errands with me in her stroller bubble while the big kids were at school. There was usually just a little hand peeking out.

But towards the end of our errand run she was getting much less tolerant of the bubble.

Once home she spent the rest of the morning following me from room to room with Niamh's little red stroller...

...and wishing that she could go outside to play.

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  1. You're unreal. Seriously, you're my photographer hero. When I grow up I want to be just like you.