Thursday, February 18, 2010

Further Proof That Art is Not My Thing

This is a window I walk by on the way to drop Rowan off at school.

Not sure what those things are on the window? Here's a closer look:

Yes, that is a cherry tomato, cut in half, and taped to the window. This window always has interesting displays up--for some reason, the only other one that's coming to mind at the moment was a few months back when the display was slices of pizza rotting away.

Anyway, I did visit the website pasted onto the bottom of the window (oloap), but do not feel any more enlightened.


  1. There's a branch of contemporary art that tries to shake the commonly understood meaning of things. An artist friend of mine did some work with blood recently. It was quite shaking, I tell you ... Cherry tomatoes seem almost poetic, in comparison. But I do feel that it's a shame to let good food or pizza rot away ... perhaps art is not my thing either:)

  2. Well, after reading the poem, I'd definitely say the display is disturbing. Even gruesome. Do all the displays have a poem attached? I wonder what they said about the pizza...

  3. though i don't really get the connection between the tomatoes and the poem, it definitely does leave me feeling a bit disturbed. anyway, i am not sure if all the displays have a poem attached, this is the first time i've actually visited their website. will have to make a point of noticing the next time they change the display...maybe every 4-6 weeks??