Monday, February 1, 2010

International Festival de Ballons

Yesterday we took Rowan and Niamh to the Balloon Festival in Chateau D'oex. Muriel stayed home with a was SO nice to travel without a baby. Wow, what a difference! So incredibly easy--even with a five and three year old. The kids are all so close in age, I think it's been five years since we've done any sort of trip without a baby.
The infamous Chateau D'oex weather let us down though. Thankfully when we arrived it was only partly cloudy, and a big bunch of balloons were just preparing for lift-off. But after that it clouded over, and we only saw two other balloons go up. By the time we left it was snowing.

I'm glad we went though. Niamh was her usual...let's say, three-year-old self (enough said), but Rowan had a blast playing in the snow. I only wish we had brought a sled, as there was a hill behind the center of the festival that was filled with children sledding.

More pictures are up on Flickr! The iPhone and my Nikon were vying with each other for my time. Secretly I just wanted use the iPhone, but I figured I would probably regret it later if I totally ditched the Nikon.


  1. I am surprised to see the almost soft bread served with the wurst. I guess this must be the difference between French side and German side. In St. Gallen these wurst are served with a roll that is almost so hard you could break your teeth.m The balloon are gorgeous!

  2. Wow!!! I have always wanted to go to a balloon festival and what a pretty winter setting for one. Great pics. I am amazed by what you are taking with you I-phone.

  3. Wow. That first photo is fantastic. . . it wasn't with the iphone, was it?

  4. thanks everyone!

    the bread with the sausage always puzzles us. we have no idea how we're supposed to eat it. on top? underneath? on the side? clumsily wrapped around? i don't know. we need to watch other people more closely.

    dana, you're right. that first photo (and the sausage one) is from my nikon!