Friday, July 3, 2009

Course d'ecole

Today Pat worked from home and watched Muriel while I accompanied Rowan and Niamh on a course d'ecole (field trip) with their preschool to a nearby farm. I'm still not exactly sure how I got roped into this one, and I was a little stressed out about it, but it turned out just fine (as is usual with things I stress about). It was hot and the kids (and adults) were exhausted by the end, but they had a great time.

They each got to make a pain au sucre (basically a sweet roll):

some of the kids weren't sure about these dancing chickens:

brushing and riding a donkey:

feeding sheep:

petting rabbits and guinea pigs:

It's hard to believe that today was Rowan's last day of preschool. In two months he starts kindergarden--in Switzerland! Both of those things are a little mind boggling to me.

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  1. does it make you feel any better to think that if you were in the U.S. he'd have another year before starting K? different way to look at it??