Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At the Park

Just some photos from a morning at the park last week. Hard to believe from these rather idyllic looking photos that it ended with us leaving because Rowan couldn't stop his temper tantrum, and then Niamh picking up where Rowan left off as we walked home. Pat, who was home for lunch, was able to hear us coming from quite far away. Fun times!

Muriel enjoyed snacking on everything that was on the ground. I can't wait until she's past this stage. I'm pretty tolerant--leaves? yes. sticks? yes. grass? not so bad. cigarette butts? yuck.

Niamh just learned how to do this rope climb by herself.

Muriel wishes she could hang with the big kids

Peeking at Mama through the steps


  1. Oh dear, one of those days ... but the photos are beautiful, and quite angelic!

  2. what beautiful names you have chosen for your children!
    I love that last picture, so sweet : )