Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Morning at the Lake

The weather cleared up enough (finally!) for us to go to the beach on Sunday.

Pat got rowdy and went into the water for a bit. That shadowy head in the water (messing around with camera settings while taking photos in the bright sunlight wasn't the best idea--I couldn't see how any of the pictures were turning out) a little way out is him. Neither Rowan or Niamh could be persuaded to join in on the crazy swimming action. It was warm, but not that warm!

Muriel is at a very frustrating age for going to a rocky beach. She picked up rocks and put them into her mouth faster than I could take them out.

The beautiful weather on Sunday really made me think that the weather this week was going to be better, but as I'm writing this post it's raining outside yet again and I can hear the rumble of thunder every so often.


  1. It's quite striking to see a summer scene where someone is happily swimming, snowcapped mountains in the distance! I remember well the rock tasting phase (actually, the let's find the only one rock in the sand and put it right into the mouth phase), mercifully it's over for me now!

  2. and I thought the mountains and lakes were gorgeous where I live... your photos are so beautiful!! oh, yes the putting everything in their mouth phase I remember it so well not all of my children went through it but it was not an easy time when one of mine did it seemed everything looked delicious to her : ) good luck mama!