Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spoils from Spain

While Grammie and Bumpa were in Spain they picked us up some of our favorite food from our December visit: Idiazabal cheese, Torta de Queso Cañarejal, and Jamón ibérico. It was, perhaps, a bit more of the ham that we had anticipated--a happy mistake!

When telling them how much we wanted we forgot that there are different grades of Jamón ibérico. We gave the requested amount in euros rather than grams. Whoops! Apparently the man behind the ham counter doesn't have americans coming in every day buying half a leg of sliced ibérico ham. Okay, I exaggerate, it was only 700 grams. But the ham did take so long to slice (a meticulous process that is probably something of an art form in Spain), it might has well have been a half a leg--Grammie Annie got tired and went back to the hotel, leaving Bumpa Mike to wait alone.


  1. yum! funny about the miscommunication...

  2. Love cheese! Thanks for the NYC book recommendations :)