Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been cutting Rowan's hair for the most part while we've been here. It takes me an hour and it only looks decent if you are standing at least ten feet away from him. Pat took him to his barber once, but Rowan screamed the whole time, and the haircut did not turn out well at all. We can't remember exactly what about it didn't look good, but whatever it was, we didn't go back. Tonight I finally got the guts up to take him to a place in Morges that has a nice set up for kids.

So, things started off great. I was able to set up the appointment with no language problems, and Rowan didn't scream with terror as soon as he sat in the chair. The nice hairdresser asked me how I would like his hair. I said "les côtés et le derriè le haut plus (the sides and the back short and the top more)....." and here i began to struggle a bit, not sure if the word I wanted to use was the right one. Those words that sound very similar in french and english throw me off, because I always feel as if I'm probably just making up words. Anyway, the hairdresser came to my rescue and said "plus longue?" (longer?) Relieved, I emphatically confirmed "Oui, oui!"

I experienced a twinge of worry when she brought out the buzzer, but I remembered that the place I used to take Rowan to in Seattle would sometimes use the buzzer as well as scissors, so I wasn't overly concerned. She started buzzing the back--pretty short, but still, looking good! Then the sides--looking good! Then the top...uh-oh.

I'm truly puzzled about how the misunderstanding occurred. And frustrated because I could have buzzed his hair at home for free. Oh well. It will grow. And in the meantime I'll have to figure out where I went wrong. Perhaps I'll just bring in a picture next time.


  1. Tell him he looks just like Cody now! :)

  2. Ha ha...he looks like Pat did in college! I think his hair was a near-buzz at one time.

  3. oh my gosh! Obviously I will be over this by the time my baby boy is Rowan's age but I think I'm going to cry at his first hair cut - I can't IMAGINE what I'd do if that sort of thing happened!!
    Somehow, though, he's wearing it well!

  4. I think it is great! Even suggested similar cut for 2nd cousins in Seattle.