Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mont Blanc perspectives

Mont Blanc From Morges

Mont Blanc from Chamonix (Aiguille du Midi is the snow covered peak on the left)

Mont Blanc from Aiguille du Midi

Okay, I actually have no idea if that last photo is actually Mont Blanc or not, but I figure it must be close enough. Due to the excessive whimpering (scary, let's go, scary, let's go, etc.) of my two male companions, I had no time to look around. Only the three of us went to Aiguille du Midi, because Muriel and Niamh were too little to go up. Grammie and Bumpa were nice enough to watch them for us so we could go.

More pictures from our trip can be found here.


  1. Those are some GORGEOUS photos over at flickr! nice job! I want to go there next time!

  2. In our defense, Rowan and I both told Emily that she could stay as long as she wanted and we would meet her at the bottom.

  3. we should definitely go next time you are here! we thought of you a lot, as hang gliding (one word? two?) was very popular, and rowan and niamh were constantly pointing out the parachutes coming down.

    and as for meeting rowan and pat at the bottom--i guess i could have done that, but rowan was also getting frantic every time i was more than a couple of feet away from him.